Heritage 2 Campaign Goal: $3,300,000

Together, we can make a difference in Lansing Catholic’s future. Join us, in supporting the Heritage 2 Campaign to build for the “Heart and Soul” of our Community. Make an online donation today!

New Construction

  • Chapel (Including: Narthex, Sanctuary, Sacristy & Confessional)
  • Music Classroom (Including: Practice Rooms & Office/Music Library)

Renovations & Improvements

  • Auditorium (Including: Seating and Finishes, Stage and Backstage Expansion, Sound and Lighting Upgrades, & Entry Improvements)
  • Infrastructure-Central Corridor (Including: HVAC and Electrical Upgrades, Fire Safety Upgrades, & Elevator)
  • Furnishings (Including: Icons and Statues, Instrument Lockers, Risers, & Theatrical Equipment)

Donor Giving Levels

  • Strategic Giving: $25,000 +
  • Leadership Giving: $10,000 - $24,999
  • Major Giving: $5,000 - $9,999
  • Benefactor Giving: $1,500 - $4,999
  • General Giving: < $1,500

Donor Naming Opportunities

  • $500,000 Chapel
  • $25,000 Chapel Window(100% reserved)
  • $10,000 Chapel Pew 100% reserved)
  • $300,000 Auditorium
  • $100,000 (Stage reserved)
  • $300,000 Music Classroom
  • $30,000 Music Practice Room (2 of 2 reserved)

Donor Recognition

  • $5,000 Large Paving Stone
  • $3,000 Medium Paving Stone
  • $1,500 Small Paver/Brick
  • $1,000 Auditorium Chair

Donor recognition will be in the form of paving stones located in the “Appreciation Path” on the North side of the school. Benefactors may also have an Auditorium chair named for them or a loved one.

In appreciation and thanksgiving for all gifts, donors at every level will be recognized in a bound book displayed in our new chapel.

Make a Heritage 2 Campaign donation online today!

Commonly Asked Questions

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Campaign Brochures

Heritage 2 Campaign Brochure

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Heritage 2 Herald Issue 3

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Heritage 2 Herald Issue 2

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Heritage 2 Herald Issue 1

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